Complete Locations List

We have organized all of the Man v Food eating challenges for your convenience!

Attempt your favorite Man vs. Food challenge & share your experience or eating tips to win it all

72-oz. steak challenge
The Sasquatch Hamburger
Atomic Hot Wings Challenge
2.5 pound Dagwood Sandwich
Don Juan El Taco Grande
3 Overstuffed Sandwiches
11-pound Carnivore Pizza
12-pound Eagle's Burger
Spicy P'haal
15 dozen oysters
Great Balls of Fire
Southwestern Exposure
Special No. 2
Malt Milkshake
SmokeEaters Hot Wings
7-pound monster breakfast burrito
17 hot dogs
Four Horsemen Challenge
Big Badass Burrito
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll Challenge
Kitchen Sink Challenge
4lbs of Pancakes
Fire in Your Hole
Ultimate 5lbs Cheesesteak
Fifth Third Burger
Extra-Spicy Firebrand Chili
Johnny B. Goode Challenge
Colossal Challenge
Great Steak Challenge
190lb Team Burger Challenge
Suicide Six Wing Challenge
Kodiak Arrest Challenge
Shut-Up Juice Challenge
O.M.G. Burger
Fat Sandwich Challenge
Stuffed-Pizza Challenge
Broken Yolk Iron Man Challenge
West End Wing King Challenge
Melt Challenge
Stupid Wings Challenge
Six Pieces Level 7 Roll
Ultimate Slider Challenge
Vaca Acosta Challenge
Davy Jones Locker Challenge
Fried Catfish Challenge
Ultimate Destroyer Challenge
Big Ugly Burger Challenge
Ludicrous Wings Challenge
Frittata Challenge
5-pound Manimal Challenge
7-pound Italian Challenge
Jumboli Challenge
Knucklehead Challenge
Adam Emmenecker Challenge
El Gigante Comida Challenge
Mount Nacheesmo Challenge
Caseus Cheese Truck Challenge
Davy Jones Hot Wing Challenge
Big Roost Challenge
Incinerator Pizza Challenge
Travis on a Silver Platter Challenge
Wintzell's Oyster Challenge
Conch Fritter Challenge
Muffaletta Sandwich Challenge
Comfy Cow Sundae Challenge
Slapshot Challenge
The Unforgiven Challenge
The Hot Wiener Challenge
The Super Pho Challenge
Puffy Taco Challenge
Squealer Challenge
The Brahma Bull Challenge
White Rabbit Burrito Challenge
Lucifer Challenge
110 Reuben Challenge
Atomic Bomb Challenge
Pig Wing Challenge
Gravedigger Challenge
Voodoo Challenge
Leg of Beast Challenge
Moose Omelet Challenge